4 Unique Concrete Patio Ideas

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Looking for concrete patio ideas? Here are 4 great looking concrete patio ideas to inspire your quest for the perfect concrete patio.

#1 Patio with pergola and custom concrete overlay border

It doesn’t have to be big to look beautiful. If you lack space in your backyard, you can still make a statement and create a comfortable extension of your home. The custom concrete staining and concrete overlay complete this sleek look.

Large firepit area with lounge area and raised hot tub entrance

If you DO have some space, you can really take advantage and create a whole backyard oasis complete with hot tub and firepit! This project has a custom flagstone concrete overlay design.

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Modern grey concrete stone design with custom shape

Why stick to square concrete with you can create unique and beautiful flowing lines. This project had a hot tub area with privacy screen flow to a firepit. The outdoor patio space has some covered and uncovered areas to factor in all weather situations.

Concrete Patio Idea #4: Natural stone concrete overlay patio with oversized pergola area, swing and firepit

Swings are a great element for relaxation. Combine those with pergolas where vines can grow and you can put a table under and share meals al fresco 😉 After the meal, you can enjoy the firepit for a dessert of roasted marshmallows or a glass of wine. Have we helped you envision your dream space yet?

The sky is the limit with concrete patios

Ultimately you want to think about your dream space, your existing architecture design and limitations (how much space is avaiable), your budget and hiring the right contractor for the job. Thankfully, we can help you with all of these! Let’s get in touch today to discuss your concrete patio project.

4 Unique Concrete Patio Ideas


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