Where is the best place to invest in your home?

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We all want to make a good investment and get a good return on investment (RIO) in our home whether it’s a bathroom remodel or a new back patio area. Many people think of home investments in terms of money, which is valid, but what other types of investment & ROI is there?

We’ll give you a few investments & ROI’s to think about:

Emotional Investment

When making a decision on what project to pursue, are you thinking of your emotional investment & return on investment? The great thing is most home projects will generally improve your emotional health. Think of even a “practical” home improvement like overlaying your driveway with a design to fix old cracks and staining your garage floor. The aesthetic improvement will yield more joy/pride in your property every time you pull into it.

Family Investment

Many times our decisions are based on whether or not the resale value of a home will go up, but what about until that time? What if you could do something that would increase the quality of life for your family? Some ideas include a backyard path around the swingset for scooters and an extension and upgrade of your outdoor patio area.

Social Investment

Life is richer with friends. What if you could host a delicious BBQ with friends new and old around your expanded concrete pool deck or patio? Your life would be much richer and more delicious 😉

Where will you invest?

There are many factors that go into what project to do on your home. We hope we gave you more investment types to think about and that your life will be richer because of your next home project. The great thing most project WILL increase the value and sellability of your home. Now you can “diversify” your investments and make your decision based on your portfolio of investments 😉

We’d love to help your family and increase your joy in your life!

Where is the best place to invest in your home?


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