The ins and outs of Concrete Overlay

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Looking to spruce up your concrete without ripping it out?

Concrete Overlay is a great technique to enhance existing concrete.

Think of a concrete overlay like giving your old driveway or floor a cool new skin.

You know how sometimes when you get a scratch on your toy, you put a fun sticker over it to make it look better? Well, a concrete overlay is kind of like that sticker, but for concrete!

Imagine your concrete is like a big, flat pancake. Over time, it might get little cracks or bumps that make it not-so-smooth anymore. Instead of making a whole new pancake, you can put a special mixture on top of the old one. This mixture is like a superhero that fixes the cracks and bumps.

We use special tools to spread this mixture evenly over the old concrete. It’s like spreading frosting on a cake, making sure everything is nice and smooth. Then, this mixture dries up and becomes a new, fresh layer on top of the old concrete.

This new layer can be any color you like – just like picking your favorite color for your room! So, the next time you see a sidewalk or driveway that looks all nice and new, it might be because it got a concrete overlay to cover up its little cracks and bumps and to add a cool design or texture to it. Just like putting on a cool new outfit, a concrete overlay helps old concrete look fancy and stylish again!

Here’s how we install and apply concrete overlay to your existing concrete:

Step one: prep and clean

First we prep the surface by pressure washer or grinding. We then cut and open up any existing cracks and caulk. This allows for the crack to still move a little but once we put down on materials and incorporate a design and the ugly crack will be hidden.

The patented material that makes it all happen: kool deck®

We mix the material, which is a patented material called kool deck®. This material is concrete mix with polymer an acrylic material giving it extra strength (greater than 6000psi vs standard 3000psi for concrete). An added benefits of kool deck® is that it doesn’t get as hot as regular concrete making it nice for pool decks and patios and other high barefoot traffic areas.

For more info on the patented material:

Creating a custom texture or look

We then trowel the material down as seen in the video above. This provides a texture or look. We also can spray the material down. The other application is after trialing the material down we can trowel out a custom design or leave it as a texture design. We then wait for it to dry somewhat and then etch out the design.

One-of-a-kind color sample process with Customer

After a day of drying we come back to stain with a base coat color and then begin the color sample. Our color sample process is one of a kind where customers are able to actually change the colors that we use on the surface when using a flagstone or other detailed design.

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The ins and outs of Concrete Overlay


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