How does Concrete Stamping work?

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The Unique Concrete Design Concrete Stamping Process
We meet with the customer to assess the the project. There are 2 colors to chose in the stamping process in the photo above. As you can see there are 2 colors which creates a unique depth and custom look. The integral color and the release color.
INTEGRAL COLOR: the color that goes inside the concrete before it’s poured.
RELEASE COLOR: the color that will be used on top of the concrete after it’s poured before it is stamped.

Typically the color of the release offers a good contrast with the integral color. Also the customer would choose what type stamp they would like. There are several options to the stamp designs.

The customer must choose these three things before the job begins:

  1. Concrete stamp design,
  2. Integral color,
  3. Release color.

​Once the concrete stamp design and colors are chosen, we get to work!

  1. We come in and remove the dirt and prep the area for concrete.
  2. Before pouring we need to assess whether we have to do one or more of the following, and this varies from job to job:
    – bringing in gravel and tampering,
    – adding wire mesh or rebar,
    – or bringing in backfill to level and area;
  3. Once we assess the proper pre-pour concrete preparation, we lay out the forms according to the plan or do a free-form design and get the approval of the customer after it is laid out.
  4. Once the design layout of the concrete is approved, we schedule concrete.

The result is a beautiful custom concrete project that our customers can enjoy for years and that adds value to their home. Reach out if you are interested in using us for your unique concrete in Greenville

How does Concrete Stamping work?


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